Welcome to Promises

A community center with family values, after school programs, an information center for all community needs, such as education, housing, employment, healthcare, childcare, etc. A safe haven where ex-offenders can serve their community service and reclaim their lives with family members, while at the same time helping themselves create an environment that they can make a reasonable transition from the system into a better focused thriving society. Think about it! I have no control over or have anything to do with any recently released offenders, however they will be

coming out and will need help in their transition..........

Well what if they could used one of these facilities that would give them the opportunity to do community service, begin or renew relationships with family members, acquire a better understanding if life skills with the option of becoming entrepreneurs or employers or both. If this is something that you might support, be aware that a helping hand is what I have to offer.

Email us at: docktor_ruth@yahoo.com
Call Ruth at: 816.756.1679


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